We are a specialized financial services company, providing a bridge to liquidity solutions for asset owners on a global scale.

Having established credit facilities with direct capital sources such as hedge funds, family offices and institutions, we can extend credit to asset owners of the following asset classes:

classic car alternative asset financing

Fine art & alternative assets

Fine art, cut and polished diamonds, refined gemstones, classic cars and other alternative liquid and illiquid assets

Publicly-traded stocks

Shares of publicly-traded companies in Europe, Asia, Australia, and Indonesia

Transparent Expertise

Asset-backed lending against these assets requires a knowledgeable team of professionals who can carry borrowers through the due diligence and lending process with full transparency, providing them with the support and explanations necessary for them to make informed decisions, receive capital and execute their investment strategies.

Focused on Client Goals

Each asset owner seeking liquidity does so with a use of capital in mind. Our financing capacities carry a focus on the goals and investment strategies of our clients.