Truss Point Partners

Frequently asked questions

Company Overview

what is a truss point
How and why did you choose the name Truss Point Partners?

Our firm was created to provide a bridge from assets to liquidity with the use of creative financial solutions. A truss is the intersection of support beams which hold a bridging structure together. A truss point is the actual point of tension. We focus on providing that exact support for our clients, removing tension from client experience and taking that pressure on ourselves.

What type of financing do you offer?

We offer innovative and creative debt-based financial solutions, anchored against hard assets which are used as collateral, such as fine art paintings, sculptures and fine art collections, classic cars and car collections, cut/polished diamonds and other precious gemstones. We also provide financing against shares of publicly-traded companies in Europe, Asia, Australia and Indonesia.

What type of clients do you serve?

We service asset owners, law firms, institutions and transaction intermediaries—with a client-centric focus providing liquidity; basically, any client or entity looking for debt-based liquidity.

How long have you been in business?

We launched our partnership as a collective effort in bringing together well over 100 years of financial services experience and success, all under one roof. Our company began formation in early 2017, developing our business strategy and launching our firm’s branding and marketing.

Do you lend your own capital?

Typically we provide capital directly from our capital sources, which are made up of private credit facilities, global and international hedge funds, family offices and specialized institutions.

How is your firm different than any other in this space?

One word: Client-centricity. Different than most other financial services companies, we acknowledge our client as anyone providing borrowers, or accepting financing as a borrower. Important to us are intermediaries and brokers who expend tremendous effort in procuring prospective clients to bring to available financing—we cater to these individuals especially, and provide them a home and brand from which to work.


How long does the financing process take to close?

Each asset class contains different timelines associated with getting financing completed. Please review the procedures and timelines in Our Services. For a more in-depth visual analysis, please review Our Process. Typically, fine art (and other asset) transactions can be completed in as little as three (3) weeks. Stock transactions can be completed inside of one week. The most important variable to an efficient closing process is for our clients to follow the procedures and for us to have direct communication with each client at the proper time.

How are we protected as intermediaries?

We are especially focused on helping intermediaries grow their business, and provide them with a true financial resource to work with—that being said, compensating intermediaries is extremely important to us. Upon the execution of a Term Sheet between one of our financiers and a borrower, we will issue a complete fee protection agreement for each intermediary and each referral.

How do intermediaries get compensated?

Intermediaries share in the origination fee charged to each borrower, and paid out at closing. We may opt to use a paymaster for larger payouts.

How does your firm get compensated?

We charge an origination fee, due at closing, paid to us by our financier as agreed to in the closing documents. We are not compensated by any other term in the financing, such as interest rate or yield spread premium.

How do I get started?

Every step of the process is outlined for you on the Getting Started page. We require submissions to include specific documentation attached to a submission form. The initial submission to us will undergo a preliminary review, analysis and placement to a capital source, with a Letter of Intent (LOI) or correspondence requesting more information so a decision can be made.

Does your firm require any up-front due diligence fees?

Truss Point Partners is only compensated on a successful funding event. No up-front fees are ever needed to get started.